The Dogs of Body Refinery EncinitasMichael, owner of Body Refinery and Luongo Footwear, has been Milo’s person since early 2013. Milo is a Dogue de Bordeaux, a French Mastiff breed. Milo has a twin brother named Filo. Filo’s persons are friends of Michael’s, so Milo and Filo get to wag their tails together on a regular basis.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest of the French breeds. From the AKC website: “He is a very powerful dog, with a very muscular body, athletic build, and self assurance make him very imposing.” In other words, the owner of a fitness studio and designer of athletic clothing and footwear is the perfect person for Milo.

Milo is a big dog, but his breed is not high energy, which also makes him perfect for someone who works and has an active social life. Milo greets Michael at the end of each day. They play, walk, and sometimes swim in Michael’s pool. Sometimes.

Milo also goes paddle boarding in Point Loma with Michael. At home, Milo and Michael are joined at the hip. Milo follows his person from room to room. Milo looks on thinking, “Hey, you’re supposed to be MY person!” while Michael plays with Filo.

Milo comes to BodyRefinery from time to time. He’s very chill and likes to hang out behind his person’s desk while clients are training. If you’d like to meet Milo, call ahead and ask Michael when Milo will be making a special appearance.

The Dogs of Body Refinery EncinitasThe Dogs of Body Refinery EncinitasThe Dogs of Body Refinery EncinitasThe Dogs of Body Refinery Encinitas