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As a Master Personal Trainer for over 20 years and a life long fitness guru, Michael Luongo puts his expertise, heart and passion into each of his companies. His flagship fitness facility, BodyRefinery, is located in beautiful Encinitas, CA. BodyRefinery is were he developed and perfected Luongo Fitness – a fitness program designed over the course of 20+ years of learning, testing and trying a culmination of different fitness modalities with the foundation being focused on Barefoot Training.

What sets Luongo Fitness apart is that each workout is highly personalized for each client and designed and implemented by Michael Luongo and his team of Luongo Fitness Trainers. With a current client age range from 13 – 90+ years old and a diverse range of physical fitness levels, the team at Luongo Fitness can help you achieve any fitness goal.

“At the base of all exercise are your feet. Start utilizing them and improve your results dramatically. You’ll be closer to the ground than ever before and stronger because of it.” – Michael Luongo

With Barefoot Training at the cornerstone of Luongo Fitness and seeing a gap in the minimalist footwear industry, Michael designed Luongo
Footwear – indoor minimalist workout footwear specifically designed to allow your body to naturally strengthen the 44+ muscles in your feet,
thus allowing you to achieve true balance and stabilization.

Michael Luongo

Michael Luongo

Founder & CEO of BodyRefinery, Luongo Fitness & Luongo Footwear

The Barest of Them All

Luongos were specifically designed for all your indoor workout needs: gym, Crossfit, olympic and power lifting. Strengthen your body from the ground up! Achieve true balance and stabilization. Utilize the 44+ muscles you’ve been ignoring in traditional shoes.


Zero technology. That’s the secret behind Luongo Footwear, specially crafted to allow your body to strengthen the already perfect structure of your feet.

Run With Your Soul

The more time you spend barefoot or in minimal footwear, simply doing your day to day activities, the more benefit to your body. Run With Your Soul – Set your body free and let nature do the rest.

One-on-One Training
Luongo Footwear
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