Barefoot Training

Strengthen your entire body from the ground up and greatly improve balance and stability through “barefooting.”

Our feet are at the base of everything we do in the world. They contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 44+ muscles, and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons, and ligaments which like the rest of your body can be strengthened and trained to give you a better body through stronger feet.

Luongo Footwear

Your feet were designed to be your natural shock absorbers and strengthen your body every step of the way. With proper form and the correct fitness regimen, strengthening your feet will help you strengthen your entire body. A barefoot workout is your body’s best offense and defense when it comes to overall strength and conditioning. Try a pair of our minimalist footwear and decide for yourself!

Luongo Footwear

As we age, our balance, stability and proprioception diminish without proper care.  Our best defense against this aging process is regular exercise that can be as easy as running, walking and/or exercising barefoot or in minimal footwear.   Your feet were built to perform.  They weren’t built to be tucked away, ignored and ultimately lead to deterioration and atrophy.

Luongo Footwear

Perfect for any sport that that benefits from a barefoot workout. That includes CrossFit, Boxing, Muay Thai, Yoga, Kettlebell training, Weight Lifting & Power Lifting

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