Here’s what people are saying about Luongo Footwear.

People exercise for many different reasons and in many different ways. Some claim exercise is a spiritual experience. Many runners will tell you they run to free their soul.

Luongo Footwear is designed to make you stronger.

Body, Mind and Soul.

Thanks to Luongo Footwear for providing me with a pair of Luongos for review. Pros The closest thing to running barefoot whilst still offering a slight degree of protection. Details & Features Cotton/poly blend inner lining with linear channel stitching to prevent sliding Exterior shell cotton/poly blend Sole is 100% super grade, puncture resistant, slip resistant, 3mm neoprene with an extra slip resistant surface texture (SRST)

Jon Mackintosh

If you squat and deadlift (and you should squat and deadlift) you need to be doing so in Luongo Footwear. Luongos have allowed me the truest most natural form possible in every Crossfit move I make. The strength in my legs are proof! My balance and stability have for sure improved. Why? Because no other footwear has allowed me to actually grip the ground with the muscles in my feet!

Josh, avid Crossfit athlete