If you want to work out with an upbeat and caring guy, Michael Phillips is the trainer for you. Bonus (for some): He looks like James Franco!


Michael is affectionately nicknamed Little Mike so as not to confuse him with Michael Luongo, the owner of the studio, but also perhaps because Michael trained Little Mike first as a client and then to be a personal trainer. (Ask or stay tuned for the future blog post about the prestigious Luongo Personal Training Certification program.)

Mike came from a career in sales and customer service. He was dissatisfied with the socioeconomics of the job, which seemed to him to be helping himself more than others. As a fitness trainer, Mike is gratified in knowing that he is actually helping people rather than selling them something. He got an unexpected surprise when he changed careers! Mike thought he’d like helping people get results, but was delighted to find out that it’s the relationships he builds with people that he loves most about his job.

On a personal note, Mike hails from San Diego. He attended Mira Costa and Palomar Colleges. He walks two or three miles daily with his dogs, and does weight-training anywhere from two to five days per week. Mike loves to tinker with cars. He races the Nissan 370Z that he bought this year through Race Legal at Qualcomm Stadium, which is sponsored by San Diego P.D. In his free time, if Mike isn’t at the dog park, beach, or racing cars, you might find him watching a Tarantino or Craven movie.

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