Kettlebells are no longer the new kid on the block since they hit the air swinging in popularity in U.S. gyms a decade or so ago. In fact, kettlebells have been around for a long time. They were initially manufactured in Russia in the 1700s as a weighing tool for agricultural purposes. The story goes that as it become known that farmers were becoming stronger from swinging kettlebells to weigh crops, their popularity in fitness and strength training took off in Russia and Europe. Eventually, the “strongmen” in circuses lifted heavy barbells and juggled kettlebells.

Training with kettlebells has many advantages over more traditional workouts such as burning more calories in less time and engaging multiple muscle groups in a single movement. Because the kettlebell’s weight distribution is uneven, it simultaneously builds core strength while improving balance, stability, and endurance.

Kettlebells have long been part of the training program for many BodyRefinery clients with amazing results. The story of one client in particular makes a compelling case for the use and value of kettlebells. As our client for many years was approaching the age of 68, we introduced kettlebells into his program. Using kettlebells (and other modalities), we worked with him through a variety of health issues including overcoming cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation. You may be unfamiliar with the lasting affects of radiation (and we hope you are). There is a great potential for breakdown in muscle, bone, and overall body strength and stabilization. With constant work and dedication to exercise and fitness, including the use of kettlebells, our client moved far beyond the fitness level of your average 68 year old. In fact, he went on to accomplish a Turkish Get-Up with a 20KG kettlebell!

Below is a photo of BodyRefinery owner and Luongo Footwear creator, Michael, demonstrating a perfect Turkish Get-Up. We welcome you to drop into BodyRefinery anytime to see a free kettlebell demonstration by Michael or one of our other trainers!


Luongo Turkish Getup