Luongo Footwear

First impressions: Simple yet cool sleek design, these shoes look and feel very raw, very basic.This makes them very appealing to strip away all mod cons and get a very basic tribal shoe with a modern twist. Being a triathlete and Ultra runner these shoes have great appeal to me, they are basic and raw which suits my training and allow for correct biomechanics to be worked on without any shoe or support. Which means when I come to race in my Hoka’s a very maximal cushioned shoe. I will have the best of both worlds. The raw strength and correct mechanics to be an efficient runner coupled with a shoe that has maximal cushion whilst maintaining a barefoot gait.

Training in the Luongo: Wow is the first impression you get with these shoes, fantastic feedback from the ground and so comfortable to wear whilst doing all sorts of movements and changing direction. I was very impressed with the shoes. I put them through 3 intense training sessions all in one day and continued to wear them after. IN comparison to Zem footwear, vibrams, vivo, sanuk, these are just Raw primal footwear and the fact you can DIY fix them with Kinesiology is awesome. I am sponsored by Rocktape and they have some sweet designs which means my Luongos are going to rock some funky colours and designs as they get worn in, rather than Worn out. The more you wear this shoe the more it becomes you. Total dexterity total movement and freedom.

Daily living in the Luongo: what a great way to improve foot strength and to work on good overall alignment by wearing the Luongo. They are very comfortable and after a few minutes you forget your wearing them as your foot is millimetres from the ground. Now due to the nature of how soft the sole is you are bound to wear them in, not out, but in. Again this is the key point the more you wear these shoes the more the sole will tell you about your gait and your foot mechanics. So when the you need to fix and repair any holes, just put some Kinesiology tape on and you are good to go.

My final words and thoughts on these shoes is that they are Raw primal footwear, that you can customize as you wear them. You have full foot freedom more so than any other barefoot or minimal shoe. Fantastic for strength work, crossfit, yoga, martial arts, walking, climbing, short distance running etc. I would recommend combining using this shoe to assist in conditioning your body correctly for your chosen sport and then when you need to hit the track, the football pitch or run a marathon, compete in a triathlon, run an ultra. Whatever your sport maybe put the appropriate footwear on and you ll race and compete harder and faster than ever before.